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  • Canvas Prints

    Canvas Prints are becoming more and more popular within our homes. Whether it be a piece of abstract art or a collection of various wedding and family photos. The Canvas prints are also known as Block Mounted Prints and serve as a stunning gift for just about anyone with a wall. Decorate any room in your home with a wide variety of sizes available on offer.

  • Wallpaper

    Printed Wallpaper is the next best thing since sliced bread. Gone are the days that we needed to paint a whole room to make an impact. Our printed wallpaper is a brilliant way to recreate your space and take your walls from dull and predictable to Exciting and inviting. Sold per meter.

  • Labels / Stickers

    Our printed Labels are a fantastic way to incorporate your brand's personality into everyday life. From printed License disc stickers to Personalized Beer and wine labels we can do it all. All labels are kiss-cut to shape and size, meaning our machine can cut to exact precision of your design rounded, straight and even zig zag shapes. Our Labels can be printed in full colour on Gloss or Matt self-adhesive. Our Vinyl is also offered in Frosted/Sandblasting style which is great for office uses. is now also offering Domed labels, which includes the high build clear doming resin.                                                                                                                

  • Vinyl Decal

    Very simply a window decal, or window sticker, is exactly what the name suggests – a sticker that goes on a window but there is slightly more to it than that. Custom window decals, like those we print, consist of a design of your choice printed onto sticky vinyl that is applied to a glass, Perspex or other smooth flat surfaces. Used to promote businesses, products or specials, window marketing using decals can be extremely effective. It can result in brand awareness and product recognition, and with the use of eye-catching window graphics, colour and correct placement you can create a visual creation that is memorable and very attractive too. A window decal can even be a stand-alone design element for any business shop front; a work of art in some cases. Printed decals can be used for any window signage in fact.

  • Posters

    Everybody loves a good poster. Whether it is of our favourite movie displayed in our sitting area or Posters of the latest show being displayed along the road. We all know a good poster when we see one. Our posters are printed on only the highest quality printer and photo quality paper, in full colour. Posters are available in standard sizes, but we can also customise your sizes to suit your needs.

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