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  • Banner Wall/Photo...

    Banner walls also known as Photo Media walls are a fantastic way to create maximum exposure within a small space. At we pride ourselves in only the best quality materials.

    With this being said, we only make use of high quality Aluminium frame for guaranteed durability. Our Banner walls have NO SEAM joining the print, which allows your brand to flow uninterrupted.

    Available in various sizes and in either Single or Double sided options, these media walls fold up to be no bigger than a tog bag in less than 5 minutes.                  

  • Hanging Banners

    The Hanging banner is by far the most economic form of branding. And sets a bold statement when hung up in the right area. From school sports days and Fetes to Birthday parties, you simply can't go wrong with the hanging banner. Supplied with ropes and eyelets for easy hanging, these guys can be placed between trees or along a fence.

  • Fence Wraps

    The fence wrap banner. These banners can be spotted just about anywhere from construction sites to marathons. They are a great example of making use of the space that you have and doing so smartly. The fence wraps can be printed in either Airtec fabric or PVC mesh and is supplied with eyelets every 500mm to allow for a firm and steady fit along your fencing.

  • Pop up banners

    The Pop up banner is as easy and 1 - 2 - 3. With the easy "Pop" function, you go from Zero to Maximum exposure in lighting speed. This lightweight, quick up banner is a great addition to any sporting or field event. Printed in full colour on durable waterproof fabric, this banner is supplied with ground pegs and a carry bag. The Pop up is also available as a Three sided Vertical banner, which creates height and depth to any display.

  • Pull up - Roller banner

    The Roller banner - also known as - a Pull up banner and Roll up banner. This humble roller screen system has come a long way since its first appearance. We dare you to visit any successful exhibition stand, and the Roller banner will be standing at the entrance to greet you. This is by far the most popular banner of all and it's easy to see why. The Pull up banners are light and easy to store. And the bases ca be reused by just simply added a new Printed banner face each time.

  • A-frame banners

    A-frame banners are an upgraded version of the standard sandwich board. Offering a wider surface area, allowing you to increase your Brands' visibility. These A frames are robust and water resistant, which makes them a great addition for any outdoor event with high traffic areas. Offered Double sided, you can change these banners up for each event with an interchangeable PVC print to really create attention.

  • X Frames

    The X-frame, though smaller than the Roller banner, this banner may be small but it packs a huge punch! The X-frame is a more economic form of advertising for indoors. Sporting a Full colour printed Banner with eyelets, this banner hooks onto the stand in less than 3 minutes for set-up. Avaliable in various sizes, the X frame banner is a no brianer when it comes to indoor displays.

  • Banner Accessories
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