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Roll Up in Style

Roll Up in Style

Quick and solid advertising. That's what comes straight to mind when I think of a Roller banner. Or is it a Roll up banner? Or is it a Pull up banner? Whatever you prefer to call this easy pop up roller style banner, we can all agree that you simply cannot go wrong when making use of this easy system.

The Pull up banner now comes in various sizes and has come such a long way over the years, yet this Roller banner has always stayed true to it's form and functionality. Regardless of size, the Roll up banner sports its' own roller system which is usually silver in colour (unless otherwise requested for). The retractable system allows easy storing of each banner, beautifully housed in an aluminium casing and stored in a compact black carry bag, easy and light weight enough to sling over your arm.

At we offer both options of print for the Roller banners.

1. Polytwirl 

Polytwirl is a fabric, which is also known as Polycotton.

This fabric is printed Dye-sublimation and heat pressed directly onto the Polytwirl cotton allowing for a striking almost natural type of look to the print.

2. PVC

PVC is a plastic type of material. It is coated and can be wiped down with a wet cloth should any marks appear on the banner over time. The PVC is slightly heavier than the fabric however it is the more popular option of the two prints.

The Roller banners are best used for indoor display. You will often find these banners at a foyer of a sports club or on display at the latest Expo. The pull up banners are also found at Golf day events and all over shopping malls too.

For only the best quality printing - contact for a list of products to help you create the best branded solutions.

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